Minimum Price Basis

Hotel 3 days per person 5 days per person Inclusives
Hill Park Tiwi Beach Hotel Ksh 16,500 Ksh 26,500 Half Board Meals
Neptune Paradise Beach Resort(Diani) Ksh 35,900 Ksh 67,500 All Inclusive
Neptune Village Beach(Diani) Ksh 28,500 Ksh 51,000 All Inclusive
Neptune Palm Beach(Diani) Ksh 38,300 Ksh 72,500 All Inclusive
Pride Inn Express Diani Ksh 14,500 Ksh 24,500 Bed & Breakfast
Twiga Lodge Ksh 15,500 Ksh 24,500 Bed & Breakfast
Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort Ksh 31,500 Ksh 56,500 Half Board Meals
Amani Tiwi Beach Hotel Ksh 36,000 Ksh 67,500 Half Board Meals
Southern Palms Beach Hotel Ksh 28,900 Ksh 53,500 Half Board Meals
Diani Reef Beach Resort Ksh 39,500 Ksh 74,500 Half Board Meals
Diani Sea Lodge Ksh 25,500 Ksh 46,000 All Inclusive
Diani Sea Rsort Ksh 28,500 Ksh 52,500 All Inclusive
Sands at Nomads Ksh 38,000 Ksh 70,600 Bed & Breakfast
Sands at Chale Island Ksh 30,500 Ksh 55,500 Half Board Meals
Africa Pearl Ksh 33,500 Ksh 60,840 Half Board Meals
Leaisure Lodge Rsort Ksh 24,600 Ksh 43,500 Half Board Meals

Package Includes:

  • Accomodation in luxurious rooms on sharing basis
  • Transport from Nairobi and back
  • Meals on the basis provided
  • Hotel amenities such as swimming and sandy beaches enjoyment

Package Excludes:

  • Items of Personal Nature
  • Extra site visiting sites of choice to guests

Day 1

Guests are picked from the agreed set destination point in Nairobi to be transferred to the Nairobi terminus train station. Travel on train will take 4 and a half hrs. and will be picked upon arrival at Mombasa Terminus to be transferred to respective hotel and will be served with meals on the basis provided for.

Day 2 - Day 4

After breakfast guest enjoy relaxation at the hotel and hotel amenities such as swimming and other fun activities. Also can visit various sites of choices such as the Fort Jesus, Haller park, wild waters for kids’ enjoyment

Day 5

After breakfast early in the morning set off for the Mombasa terminus and board the 9.00am train back to Nairobi

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