Well furnished and fitted rooms. Excellent for residents who are on tour to Nairobi city.
Our rooms are equipped with modern sanitation facilities including laundry and hot shower.
Our rooms have unlimited internet accessibility and other meals are offered
on request by our highly trained chefs. The place is located in an ideal setting that offer maximum privacy.


We have a boardroom that is ideal for conferences and private meetings.
Our Boardroom is fitted with modern communication facilities which are I.T. compliant and
has enough space to accommodate a large number of people.

Social Gatherings For Parties and Bonfires

We have a well manicured garden that offers very suitable grounds for:
-Wedding receptions,
-Photo sessions,
-Private family meetings,
-Birthday parties,
-Team building,
-Goat eating. etc.
Tents(50-capacity & 100-capacity) with chairs and a public address system are also available.
Outdoor Catering also Available

Agricultural Shows

Some of our various farming activities include:
-Poultry farming i.e. layers.
-Horticulture i.e. tulips, bougainvillea, roses etc.
-Fruits e.g. pawpaws, guavas, mulberries, golden apples, sugarcane etc.
We also offer to our clientele farming training services and also practise various farming activities...

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